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G&P Water & Maritime Sdn. Bhd. is a water consultant providing wide range of services on water engineering, specializing in study and design pertaining to hydrology, hydraulics, water resources, irrigation, drainage, water quality, flood mitigation, rainwater harvesting, coastal and physical modelling.


G&P Water & Maritime Sdn. Bhd. strives for an efficient operation of modern consulting practice which adopts many new knowledge management techniques and operational tools, including the utilization of state of the art software for hydrological and hydrodynamic modeling.


G&P Water & Maritime is part of G&P PROFESSIONALS GROUP, a specialist one-stop engineering consultancy service centre that provides engineering services in the areas of water, geotechnical, civil & structural, infrastructure, flood mitigation, drainage & irrigation, coastal & maritime, claims & contracts, highways, railways & transportation, dams and project management, with over 250 staff members.


Latest Events

1 January 2014

G&P WATER SDN. BHD. welcomes the new year with a merger with G&P MARITIME SDN. BHD. to form the new official company of G&P WATER & MARITIME SDN. BHD. offering an expanded range of services to customers with the same due diligence and quality as before.

24 November 2013

G&P WATER SDN. BHD. along with the rest of G&P PROFESSIONALS SDN. BHD. held its 14th anniversary dinner on 24th November 2013 at Saloma Bistro. Over 200 staff members and their guests attended the event, including VIPs Chairman Tan Sri Dato Ir. Jamilus Hussein, Dato Dr. Gue See Siew and company directors. Event highlights included performances by Fresco Harmonica Ensemble, Hip Hop Dancing, G&P Idol 2013 winners duet, and Best Dressed Awards.


1st August 2013

Ir. Chong Sun Fatt has been appointed as the Principal Adviser of G&P Water commencing 1st August 2013. Prior to this appointment, he was the Managing Director since company inception in June 2006. Ir. Chong and Ir Lim Sin Poh, both co-founders of G&P Water, have laid a strong foundation for the company in the 7 years. Having a team of experts and talented engineers, and using state-of-art technology and software, the Company has been delivering innovative engineering solutions for numerous projects on hydrology and hydraulics. With this new appointment, Ir Chong will continue to provide his services to bring the company to a greater height.


1st August 2013

Ir Lim Sin Poh has been appointed as the new Managing Director of G&P Water commencing 1st August 2013. As a co-founder of the Company, Ir Lim has played an extremely instrumental role to instill teamwork and shaping the company to what it is today. He is passionate about environmental conservation and protection and committed in providing quality services to the clients with due care to sustainable environment and society. With his new appointment, Ir Lim and his team will lead the company to a new horizon.

21-24 June 2013

G&P Water organized an annual company trip to Bali for the purpose of team building and ISO knowledge consolidation. There were 27 attendants in total, ranging from members of G&P Water Kuala Lumpur, Sabah and Singapore to their spouses and children.


2013 Annual Trip to Bali


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