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G&P Water & Maritime Sdn. Bhd. is a water consultant providing wide range of services on water engineering, specializing in study and design pertaining to hydrology, hydraulics, water resources, irrigation, drainage, water quality, flood mitigation, rainwater harvesting, coastal and physical modelling.


G&P Water & Maritime Sdn. Bhd. strives for an efficient operation of modern consulting practice which adopts many new knowledge management techniques and operational tools, including the utilization of state of the art software for hydrological and hydrodynamic modeling.


G&P Water & Maritime is part of G&P PROFESSIONALS GROUP, a specialist one-stop engineering consultancy service centre that provides engineering services in the areas of water, geotechnical, civil & structural, infrastructure, flood mitigation, drainage & irrigation, coastal & maritime, claims & contracts, highways, railways & transportation, dams and project management, with over 250 staff members.




































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