R & D Projects
Every year, the engineers at G&P Water Sdn Bhd are required to explore and develop engineering-related topics to develop guidelines or templates to future users. This promotes an environment of mutual learning and teaching.
ISO No.R & D Topic
WI-OP-02 Hydraulic Modeling in using MIKE 11
WI-OP-03 Model set up in MIKE 21 and MIKE Flood
WI-OP-04 DYNHYD5 Model Setup
WI-OP-05 General Procedure in Hydrological Modeling
WI-OP-06 Procedure in Low Flow Analysis
WI-OP-07 MIKE 11 Cross-section Conversion (WI & ET)
WI-OP-08 Soil Loss Computation using ArcGIS
WI-OP-09 Flood Damage Assessment using JPS Procedure
WI-OP-10 Hydrologic Modeling in using HEC HMS
RD-OP-11 Introduction to Global Mapper
RD-OP-12 Supervision Checklist for Dam Safety Inspection
RD-OP-13 Guidelines to Carry out Flood Investigation on Urban Area
RD-OP-14 Guidelines in using Snyder UH in HEC-HMS (OP & ET)
RD-OP-15 Checklist for Preparation of Report for Submission
RD-OP-16 Checklist for M11 Model Setup
RD-OP-17 Excel Template for Estimation of Low-Flow using HP 12
RD-OP-18 Excel Template for Derivation of Design Floods using HP 11
RD-OP-19 Excel Template for Derivation of Design Rainfall using MSMA
RD-OP-20 Excel Template for Estimating of Population Projection and Water Demand
RD-OP-21 Excel Template for Estimation of Irrigation Water Demand
RD-OP-22 Excel Template for Derivation of Design Floods using Modified Rational Method and MRM Hydrograph Method in MSMA
RD-OP-23 Runoff Estimation for Ungauged Catchment (OP & ET)
RD-OP-24 Excel Template for Soil Erosion Estimation using EMC Method
RD-OP-25 XP SWMM model Set -up
RD-OP-26 Excel Template for Design Flood for Urban Drainage Design Submission using Modified Rational Method
RD-OP-27 HecResSim Simulation
RD-OP-28 Dam Break Modeling (OP & ET)
RD-OP-29 Guideline on Hydrological Data Screening and Gap-filling and the Use of Macro Template (OP & ET)
RD-OP-30 Checklist for XPSWMM Model Setup
RD-OP-31 Runoff Estimation using HP 5 (OP and ET)
RD-OP-32 Runoff Estimation using HP 16 (OP and ET)
RD-OP-33 Guideline in using SCS UH in HEC-HMS (OP and ET)
RD-OP-34 Checklist for Urban Drainage Design
RD-OP-35 Rainwater Harvesting System Design (OP and ET)
RD-OP-36 HEC -GeoRAS for the Preparation of Flood Inundation Map
RD-OP-37 Dam Inventory and Their Respective Dam Parameters for HEC-ResSim Simulation
RD-OP-38 Dam Monitoring Instrument Measurement Methods / Techniques
RD-OP-39 Procedure to Update the Intranet using Frontpage
RD-OP-40 Introduction of Erosion and Sediment Control on Highland Agriculture
RD-OP-41 Determination of X & Y Zero Flow Links for MIKE FLOOD in Excel Macros
RD-OP-42 Procedure for Local Scour Computation
RD-OP-43 Technical Manual and Spreadsheet for projection of non-paddy water requirement
RD-OP-44 Compilation of GIS database and Standardization of GIS Shapefile Folder
RD-OP-45 Technical Manual for auto generation of catchment demarcation using GIS spatial analyst tools
RD-OP-46 Checklist for the development of Emergency Response Plan for dam break scenario
RD-OP-47 Technical Manual and Excel Template to estimate the catchment time of concentration and lag time using various method
RD-OP-48 Technical Manual for pump modeling using XP SWMM
RD-OP-49 Technical Manual and Excel Template to derive PMP using World Meteorological Organization procedure
RD-OP-50 Technical Manual for Cohesive Sediment Transport Modelling using MIKE11 AD
RD-OP-51 Technical Manual for Sediment Plume Dispersion Modeling in Delft3D HD Module
RD-OP-52 Technical Manual for RUSLE Computation and its Applicataion
RD-OP-53 Evaluation of Various Methods to Simulate Flood Runoff for Catchment with big Water Body using HEC-HMS
RD-OP-54 Development of Database Management System
RD-OP-55 Continuous Rainfall-Runoff Simulation using Thornwaite and Mather Daily Water Balance Model
RD-OP-56 Improvement to TM - Dam Monitoring Instrument Measurement Methods and Techniques
RD-OP-57 Conversion of DTM to TIN format for XP-SWMM 2D Modelling
RD-OP-58 Different Methods in Dambreak Modeling for Water Dam
RD-OP-59 MUSLE and Its Application
RD-OP-60 Tidy up of Macro Templates for Various Hydrological Analysis
RD-OP-61 Comparison of Sg Kelantan MIKE11 Simulation with various river cross section interval
RD-OP-62 Detention Pond Design based on MSMA 2nd Edition
RD-OP-63 Compilation of Hydrological Database System
RD-OP-64 Modeling of Water Intake Structure with Pumping by Mike 21
RD-OP-65 Dambreak Erosion Modeling using MIKE 11
RD-OP-66 Reservoir Simulation for Dam Storage Yield Analysis
RD-OP-67 Classification of Soil Erodibility Factor, K-Value for Soil Type in Sarawak
RD-OP-68 Modeling of Detention Ponds with Hydraulic Structures using XP SWMM
RD-OP-69 Modeling of Hyperconcentration Flow with FLO-2D
RD-OP-70 Derivation of Design RF using MSMA 2nd Edition and revised HP 1 - Temp Patten and Areal Reduction Factors
RD-OP-71 Specifications for Engineering Survey Works and Soil Investigation Works
RD-OP-72 Stilling Basin and Hydraulic Jump Estimation
RD-OP-73 Tide Analysis and Prediction
RD-OP-74 Derivation of Design Storm Temporal Pattern using Normalised Method


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